Vision Therapy: Not Just for Children

Vision Therapy: Not Just for Children

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is an individualized program developed by a doctor to correct vision problems or improve visual deficiencies. 

Doctors use computer-assisted and non-computer assisted techniques such as filters, prisms, and balance boards to guide patients through visual exercises. Over time, these techniques aim to improve each particular vision problem.

Vision Therapy for Adults

Vision therapy highly effective for children. However, it can be beneficial for adults, too. If adults in need of vision treatment did not receive it for problems as children, treatment could still be highly effective.

Problems such as an inability to focus for a significant length of time or use both eyes together are common, and respond well to treatment. 

Age Helps

Many vision problems are easier to treat in young patients, but that doesn’t mean treatment for these problems is ineffective for adults. 

Adults with conditions like amblyopia (“lazy eye”) can improve in adulthood. Adults are able to keep track of differences in their vision and are often motivated to continue toward success, making adults strong candidates for treatment that works.

Sports Vision Training

Vision training is highly beneficial for athletes, both professional and amateur. Sports demand top-notch vision skills, and various tests assist athletes in diagnosing areas that their vision could be improved. Depth perception, hand-eye coordination, and other skills can all improve through vision therapy and training.

For example, doctors can evaluate hand-eye coordination through a test that measures how quickly your eyes react to the dropped objects. The natural reaction to these objects is a physical response, such as catching a ball or moving part of the body. Speed in this physical response is generally a reliable indicator of sports performance.

Have questions about treating your eye condition or improving your sports performance through vision therapy?  Contact us today to schedule an appointment! 

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